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We are professionally equipped to best advise and assist you with your application. The US and Canada have a versatile range of immigration schemes designed to attract professionals who will make a valuable contribution to the country’s economy. Investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workers are some of the most highly sought-after immigrants and there are multiple channels through which they may eventually attain permanent residency. Although these schemes are designed to make it easier for certain individuals and families to migrate, the reality is that many applicants find it challenging to navigate the system and its frequent red tape. This is where our immigration lawyers can help. As immigration specialists, we are well versed in helping clients find the best immigration channel to apply through. Here, we also assure assistance at every stage of the application process. Rest assured when you work with our immigration specialists, you’ll have the best possible chance of achieving residency. To learn more about why Simard & Associates is a renowned immigration firm in Hong Kong and how our consultants can help you, enquire today through our booking form below or Contact Us to get in touch with one of our offices.
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