Introduction to our Comprehensive Immigration Services in Hong Kong

Simard & Associates is dedicated to providing comprehensive immigration services for our clients in Hong Kong and Asia. To ensure you can enjoy a smooth and efficient application process, we have a large number of operation and immigration specialists across Asia, Europe and North American, who are ready to help you around the clock, and in all time zones. Our team at Simard & Associates are specialists in investment immigration programs from Canada and the U.S., such as the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) and the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. If you are searching for immigration lawyer consultants with extensive experience in immigration-related matters in Canada and the U.S., we are here to help! Here's a small tip for those who are considering immigrating to Canada, the US or any other destination: there are different immigration programs available that are tailored to attract professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to relocate and to contribute to the growth of the local economy. Since the immigration program requirements vary for investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workers, you are advised to work with a professional team, such as the experts at Simard & Associates, who will analyze your needs, personal conditions and financial situations before helping you select the most suitable program.  

Why Choose Simard & Associate as Your Immigration Consulting Firm?

Years of experience in providing immigration services in Hong Kong and Asia has earned us an expansive and thorough understanding of our clients' needs. Our team of professional immigration consultants are familiar with the processes and details of various immigration programs in different countries, especially Canada and the U.S. Our expertise guarantees efficiency during the cumbersome application process while ensuring all of your application documents to be filed accurately. Our high success rate speaks volumes - if you are looking for reliable and efficient immigration consultants to help you with your immigration applications, Simard & Associates should no doubt be your first choice.   We strive to provide you with comprehensive assistance throughout your application process. We have offices in Hong Kong and Montreal, Canada; which means that not only can our team of professional immigration consultants apply our cross-cultural expertise to help you find the most suitable program according to your specific situation, we can also advise you no matter your locality.     If you want to inquire for more information about different immigration programs, please contact us for a chat now.
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