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加拿大教育着重学生的全面发展,世界各地不少家长都希望安排子女前往加拿大升学,并举家移居当地,为将来入读加拿大大学铺路,同时为子女提供一个优质的生活及学习环境。其中,加拿大魁北克省的麦吉尔大学(McGill University)是不少家长和学生理想中的顶级学府 。这所加拿大历史悠久的学府不仅是加拿大最好的大学,在国际上更是有非常高的声望,有“加拿大哈佛“之称。多年以来,麦吉尔大学一直是加拿大国内外学生所向往的学习圣地。

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加拿大教育著重學生的全面發展,世界各地不少家長都希望安排子女前往加拿大升學,並舉家移居當地,為將來入讀加拿大大學鋪路,同時為子女提供一個優質的生活及學習環境。其中,加拿大魁北克省的麥基爾大學(McGill University)是不少家長和學生理想中的頂級學府 。這所加拿大歷史悠久的學府不僅是加拿大最好的大學,在國際上更是有非常高的聲望,有「加拿大哈佛」之稱。多年以來,麥基爾大學一直是加拿大國內外學生所嚮往的學習聖地。

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Canada is famous for its well-rounded education. Arguably the best university in Canada, and ranked among the top universities in the world, McGill University in Montreal, Quebec is the ideal choice for many parents and their children.

Attending McGill University is a dream for many students from Canada and abroad; it is not only one of the best universities in Canada but is also highly respected globally. This historic education institution is sometimes known as the “Harvard of Canada” due to its recognized tradition. Undoubtedly, McGill is a desirable option for many students from Canada and from abroad.

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