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Our founder, Mathieu Simard, established Simard & Associates in 2010 to help clients in Hong Kong fulfil their immigration dreams by utilizing a team of experienced and proficient immigration lawyers, consultants and global immigration experts. Our scope of immigration assistance services have gone beyond Canada and the USA, but to Europe, the Caribbean, and many more. Our footprint has also expanded to include clients from the wider Asia Pacific region due to our reliability and proven track record. 


Our Values

Our mission is to help our clients to fulfill their immigration ambitions through personalized immigration solutions and assistance through the immigration process from start to finish. By incorporating our core values into everything that we do, we ensure that our client’s success and satisfaction is our priority. Trust in Simard & Associates.

What We do?

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable immigration lawyers and consultants across Asia, Europe, and North America provides comprehensive immigration services for our clients in Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region. With our immigration consulting services, we develop immigration solutions that fit your needs. We also assist in the immigration application to minimize any complications during the complex and confusing application process. If you are searching for immigration lawyers and consultants in Hong Kong with extensive experience in immigration-related matters, we are here to help!

Why Choose Simard & Associates As Your Immigration Agent?

The years of experience in providing encompassing immigration services in Hong Kong have earned the trust of our clients and reputation as a reliable immigration consulting firm. By thoroughly understanding our client’s unique needs and preferences, our team of professional immigration lawyers and consultants, who are very familiar with the processes and details of various immigration programs in different countries, are able to help our clients to fulfil their immigration dreams. Our in-depth expertise guarantees efficiency during the cumbersome application process while ensuring that all application documents are filed accurately. Our high success rate speaks volumes – if you are looking for reliable and efficient immigration consultants to help you with your immigration applications, Simard & Associates should no doubt be your first choice. If you want to inquire for more information about different immigration programs or the immigration process, please contact us for a chat now

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