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Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 2010, Simard & Associates Ltd. has specialized in business immigration to North America, Europe, and Carribeans. Our immigration law consultants provide assistance with a variety of immigration applications, including consultation, file preparation and drafting of documents. Backed by more than 10 years cross-cultural knowledge, practical immigration experience and legal acumen, our founder Mr. Mathieu Simard has perfected a solid and efficient approach to manage a wide range of scenarios and assist our clients in achieving their immigration ambitions.

With a dynamic group of experienced international lawyers, our reliable services have made Simard & Associates Ltd. a reputable name in the industry. Proven by our top tier applicant acceptance rate, more and more clients place their trust in us to assist them to achieve their immigration objectives.

With offices in Hong Kong and Canada, our consultancy is ideally placed to assist you

Our two main offices are located in Hong Kong and Montreal, with many contacts strategically stationed around Asia, Europe and North America to strengthen the communication and application processes of the various immigration programs. If you are looking for a US immigration lawyer or consultant in Hong Kong or a Canada immigration specialist in Singapore, then Simard & Associates is the best option.

The immigration consultants at Simard & Associates have specialized knowledge of the various investment immigration schemes offered by Canada and the US and are thus ideally placed to work with you and provide advice on the best program to apply for. These types of investment immigration schemes are designed to attract financially successful individuals and entrepreneurs who will contribute to the economic growth of the nation in which they relocate. Investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers each have a unique channel through which they can apply. There are separate schemes for those with familial ties to Canada or the US.

Although these schemes are designed to make it easier for professionals and their families to migrate to North America, individuals often find it difficult to navigate the system and sometimes struggle to find the right application channel to suit their needs and skillset. As specialist immigration lawyers, our consultants will be able to work with you and help you navigate the often frustrating application process. Whether you’re looking to undertake immigration to Canada from Hong Kong, or Singapore our specialist consultants will be able to assist you.

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