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Canada has always been an attractive immigration destination for many in Hong Kong because of its superb living environment and comprehensive welfare system. If you are looking to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency, the good news is, Canada offers a number of immigration programs to welcome immigrants from around the globe. However, the immigration requirements vary significantly depending on which program you apply for. In this article, we detail the immigration requirements for Canada’s Skilled Worker program.

Here’s a summary of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, including application requirements, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and calculation of Federal Selection factor points:

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加拿大一向是移民热点。以不同移民项目申请移民加拿大条件各有不同,而加拿大技术移民职业更包含各行各业。下文将为大家分析于2019年技术移民加拿大条件、加拿大联邦技术移民Express Entry计分方法,及加拿大技术移民职业类别

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加拿大一向是港人移民熱點。以不同移民專案申請移民加拿大條件各有不同,而加拿大技術移民職業更包含各行各業。下文將為大家分析於2019年技術移民加拿大條件、加拿大聯邦技術移民Express Entry計分方法,及加拿大技術移民職業類別。

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