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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program(QIIP)

Quebec is the largest of the ten provinces in Canada and has an excellent community environment and high quality of life. That is why Quebec has been popular among those who want to immigrate to Canada. The Quebec government provides vast investment and development support for immigrants so they, along with their family, can enjoy a high-quality and low-cost living.

Well-developed transportation network and low business cost

As an economy benefiting from the framework of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Quebec is granted access to the vastly important North American commercial market. Additionally, Quebec has a well-developed transportation network, with roads, airports and railways connecting to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago and beyond, as well as throughout all parts of Quebec and Canada. The modern and effective transportation and telecommunication networks are proven to be significant advantages for investors.

– Low Business Operation Cost

Among many other competitive advantages, the low business operation costs are the most attractive. Quebec has one of the lowest corporate tax rate in North America, and office rental costs are inexpensive as compared to other major cities in North America. Many immigrants have decided to acquire existing local operations or invest in their own business.

– Business-friendly government

“Investissement Quebec” can provide help with your business planning in the following areas:

  1. Financial Planning
  2. Competitive Financial Support Proposal
  3. Industry Insights and Information
  4. Establish long-term strategic partnerships with local and international partners
  5. Assistance in setting business goals that meet your needs
A life with high quality and low cost

Quebec has abundant natural resources and dense forest coverage. Together with its mild climate and four distinctive seasons, it is indeed a pleasant place to live.

The living cost in Quebec is low. In 2018, Hong Kong was ranked fourth in the Worldwide Cost of Living Report while all the cities in Canada were ranked 100th or lower, with Vancouver and Toronto being the most expensive cities in the country. More importantly, the report also showed that the overall living cost in Quebec was 25% lower than Vancouver and TorontoParticularly the rental prices in Montreal, which was 60% and 40% lower than that in Vancouver and Toronto respectively. At the same time, the standard of living in Quebec is incomparable to other big cities.With an outstanding education system, free universal healthcare, vibrant and diverse cultures, a variety of leisure and sports options, as well as authentic cuisine.

– Excellent Education System

The education system in Quebec is comprised of public and private schools. Public primary, secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education is free. For universities, Quebec residents could enjoy an 80% discounted tuition rate than the others. Since Quebec has two official languages, English and French, children in public schools will, first, be educated in French until the end of their secondary education. This language exposure is hugely beneficial for your children to master multiple languages from a young age.

– Comprehensive Health Insurance

Generally speaking, all new immigrants can enjoy health insurance coverage after a three-month waiting period, including prescription drug insurance (can opt for public or private), public insurance to cover work injuries and occupational diseases, as well as general car insurance.

Quebec Investment Immigration specially designed for Hong Kong Citizens

Many countries have immigration schemes that are specially designed to attract high-net-worth individuals, who will contribute substantially to the local economy. One of the best investment immigration schemes in Canada is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), which is open to, among others, Hong Kong citizens wishing to establish a presence in the country. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is currently the only investment immigration program that does not require applicants to establish a business in Canada.

Quebec Investment Immigration – Overview and Advantages

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is one of the most popular and sought-after immigration programs in Canada, designed to attract high-net-worth individuals, who will make a substantial contribution to Quebec’s economic development. Once selected, a candidate and their family will be eligible for permanent residency of Canada. Following three years since arrival, a candidate may apply for full Canadian citizenship with his or her family.

Quebec Investment Immigration – Requirements

A candidate must demonstrate a personal net worth of at least CAD $2 million, obtained through lawful means. Assets belonging to the candidate’s accompanying spouse can also be considered. These assets include:

  • Fixed assets – real estate, bank account deposits, pension funds, and stocks and bonds may also be included;
  • The applicant must have at least two years’ of management experience obtained within the five years prior to the application submission;
  • The applicant must commit to making the required investment (see the ‘Investment’ section below);
  • The applicant is intended to settle in the province of Quebec.
  • The investment requires a lump sum payment of CAD 350,000 as financing fees made to an authorized financial intermediary;
  • Following the payment by the candidate, the financial intermediary will invest the amount of CAD 1,200,000$ with the Quebec government for a period of five years.
  • The revenues generated by the investments will be used to finance two of Quebec’s business assistance programs: The Business Assistance- Immigrant Investor Program and Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities.
Application Process
  1. Secure a quota with the help of Simard & Associates;
  2. Preparation of the application form and essential supporting documents;
  3. Submission of the file to the Montreal office of the Ministere de l’Immigration, de l’Inclusion et de la Diversite;
  4. File processing by the Government;
  5. After the analysis by the Quebec Immigration Office, different scenarios may arise:
    1. An immediate decision regarding the application;
    2. Request specific additional documents for further processing;
    3. Immigration interview (preparation will be provided by Simard & Associates).
  6. In case of an acceptation of the file, payment to the financial intermediary;
  7. Receive Quebec Selection Certificate;
  8. Apply for Canadian permanent residency.