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Canada’s Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents will close on February 7. Canadian authorities say 1,700 permanent residency and 33,000 work and study visas have been granted so far.


By the end of 2022, 1,760 people had successfully obtained permanent residency in Canada. According to IRCC data, more than seventy percent of these immigrants are in their 20s, bringing a large number of young and well-educated Hongkongers to Canada.

【Canada's Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents】

Canada’s Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents, includes attending a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada to obtain a Study Permit and applying for permanent residency within three years of completing the study; Or apply for permanent residency after graduating from a global post-secondary institution for no more than 5 years and working on an Open Work Permit in Canada for one year.

【Canada Open Work PERMIT】

Different from Canada’s previous work visa system, the OWP open work permit system is simple and fast. Applicants only need to graduate from a post-secondary institution within 5 years and have worked in Canada for 1,560 hours to obtain permanent residency.

Applicants do not need to first find a job or sponsorship in Canada. In addition, all applicants who obtain the PR may also bring their spouse and children to Canada.

The deadline for applying for an open work visa in Canada is February 7, 2023. However, 19 cross-party members of parliament and Hong Kong human rights groups have earlier pressured the Canadian government to extend the program.


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