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Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 2010, Simard & Associates Ltd. has specialized in business immigration to North America, Europe, and Carribeans. Our immigration law consultants provide assistance with a variety of immigration applications, including consultation, file preparation and drafting of documents. Backed by more than 10 years cross-cultural knowledge, practical immigration experience and legal acumen, our founder Mr. Mathieu Simard has perfected a solid and efficient approach to manage a wide range of scenarios and assist our clients in achieving their immigration ambitions.

As immigration specialists with over 25 years of combined legal and business experience helping clients based in Hong Kong and across Asia make the move to North America, we have an in-depth understanding of the various schemes available to those wishing to relocate as well as the various challenges which applicants face as they go through the system. This expertise has resulted in our applicants enjoying a top tier success rate and continues to assist our clients in finding the right application channel for their needs.

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With a dynamic group of experienced Canadian lawyers, our reliable services have made Simard & Associates Ltd. a reputable name in the industry. Proven by our top tier acceptance rate, more and more clients place their trust in us to assist them to achieve their immigration objectives.
Latest News

On March 28th 2018, the Quebec Government announced some changes to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Firstly, the minimum net worth to qualify for this program will increase from CAD $1,600,000 to CAD $2,000,000.


Family Class Immigration: Over the past year, the Government of Canada has made significant improvements to the spousal sponsorship process, making it faster and easier for Canadians and permanent residents to reunite with their spouses.


The Spending Bill passed in the United States on March 23rd included the extension of the current EB5 program to the end of September 2018.


As specialist immigration lawyers, we are ideally placed to advise and assist you in your application

The US and Canada have a versatile range of immigration schemes designed to attract professionals who will make a valuable contribution to the country’s economy. Investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers are some of the most highly sought after immigrants and there are multiple channels through which they may eventually attain permanent residency. Although these schemes are designed to make it easier for certain individuals and families to migrate, in practice, many applicants find it challenging to navigate the system and its frequent red tape. This is where our Hong Kong based immigration lawyers can help; as specialists, we are well versed in helping clients find the best immigration channel to apply through and assist them through each stage of the application process. Rest assured when you work with our immigration specialists, you’ll have the best possible chance of achieving residency.

To learn more about why Simard & Associates is known as one of the top immigration law consultants in Hong Kong, or to enquire about applications, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our offices.

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