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Since 2010, Simard & Associates in Hong Kong has been dedicated to helping its clients with immigration related matters for Canada, Hong Kong, USA, Europe, and other destinations around the world. Our team of highly professional and experienced lawyers, supporting consultants, and global immigration experts has earned the trust of our clients and boosted our reputation as a reliable immigration consulting firm in Hong Kong.

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With over 20 years of experience in providing encompassing immigration services in Hong Kong, we have earned the trust of our clients and reputation as a reliable immigration consulting firm in the city. By thoroughly understanding our client’s unique needs and preferences, our team of professional immigration lawyers and consultants, who are very familiar with the processes and details of various immigration programs in different countries, are able to help our clients fulfill their immigration dreams. Our in-depth expertise guarantees efficiency during the cumbersome application process while ensuring that all application documents are filed accurately. Our high success rate speaks volumes – if you are looking for reliable and efficient immigration consultants to help you with your immigration applications, Simard & Associates should no doubt be your first choice.


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Nancy Leung
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I was recommended by a friend to meet Simard & Associate lawyers for Canada Migration. For over 2 hours they analyze my profile my family background, profession and education and suggested the right options what would work best for me and described the process in very simple way to understand. Eventually, I decided to use their service in Nov 2022 and receive my case approval letter just yesterday, my family & I could not have done the paperwork on our own, special thanks to Alexandre who made sure everything was provided to Canada authorities on time which saved us countless hours and hassle. Thank you for your help and I highly recommended!
Ms. Chan
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“We first hired a local immigration agent to help our family immigrate to Canada through the Quebec Immigration Investor Program (QIIP). However, that agent did not have a good understanding of Canada’s immigration rules and application which resulted in the case being refused. When we reached out to Simard & Associates, they helped analyze the case, organized all the documents, and filed for an appeal. We are so grateful for our immigration lawyer’s professional work which allowed us to reach our dream of immigrating to Canada. “
Mr. Yip
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“We were considering obtaining an EU passport for our whole family but weren’t completely sure which avenue or country to choose. Upon hearing our needs, our lawyer suggested we apply to the Cyprus Citizenship Program. We were uncertain since we didn’t know the country well but our lawyers not only helped to organize a trip for us but accompanied us to find a property that we liked. It was such a good investment. After half a year, we successfully received our Cyprus citizenship and became EU citizens. Both my business and family are now able to enjoy more opportunities in Europe. We are very satisfied with the advice and service of Simard & Associates.”
Mag Ma
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Very helpful and professional.The lawyer Consultant Mr Sebastien Guimier explained the immigration programs to Canada very clearly and he followed up with a written proposal specially tailor made for the client.
Mr. Cheung
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“After working in the IT industry for many years, we decided to move to Canada for a better future. Under the advice of our immigration lawyer, we applied through the Start-Up Visa Program. The whole process was smooth and we were able to successfully obtain permanent residency in Canada. Simard & Associates helped us to choose a trustworthy incubator and prepare for our business plan as part of the application. The incubator was really supportive and helped grow my business to its maximum potential, which was great for my family’s new life in Canada.”
S Wong
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Excellent service and the work is thorough! I've just got my PR confirmation from the Consulate General of Canada and many thanks for their kind assistance in my application. The process takes about half a year time for express entry program. I know that many migration consultancy firms hire consultants for the migration service which is not ideal. Simard & Associates, on the other hand, has a team of professional lawyers and staff in supporting the process from scratch to finish. They also response in a timely manner and keep you posted on any updates in regards of the application.

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Your new dream starts with the guidance and experience of Simard & Associates. Our success stems from our professionalism, transparency and effectivity. Our clients’ success and satisfaction is our priority. Request Free Consultancy now to set your immigration plan in motion.

Start planning  your new dream

Your new dream starts with the guidance and experience of Simard & Associates. Our success stems from our professionalism, transparency and effectivity. Our clients’ success and satisfaction is our priority. Request Free Consultancy now to set your immigration plan in motion.


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