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The steep housing prices and costly standards of living combined with concerns over the social and political uncertainties have resulted in many Hong Kong residents looking to consider immigrating overseas. Some of the most popular and best countries to immigrate to for Hong Kong people are Canada, Ireland and Cyprus due of their high quality of life, relatively cheaper daily living costs, and uncomplicated immigration entry requirements. Individuals can gain citizenship by investing the appropriate amount into the local economy.



As one of the wealthiest and most economically developed countries in the world, Canada had always been an attractive immigration destination for many in Hong Kong. According to the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong, there are over 500,000 people of Hong Kong descent residing in Canada. The low crime rate, fantastic living environment, clean air quality, the extensive welfare system, and phenomenal education system are just a few benefits that immigrants can expect if they immigrate to Canada. There are many different routes that Hong Kong people can explore if they want to immigrate to Canada. Choose to apply through the Start-Up Visa Program, New Brunswick Provincial Program, Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program,British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, Federal Skilled Workers Program, or the Canadian Family Sponsorship Visa.

The provincial nominee programs target entrepreneurs who want to establish, operate, and actively manage a business in specific provinces. Candidates must have a comprehensive business plan while meeting the personal net worth and minimum investment criteria. The most sought-after program, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program does not require applicants to establish a business in Canada as long as they make the mandatory investment and have the appropriate net worth. Foreign national entrepreneurs can go through the Start-up Visa Program if they have sufficient funds to settle in Canada and prove that their business plan is supported. In contrast to the other methods, the Federal Skilled Workers Program just needs proficient applicants to work in specific industries, prove intention to settle, and score enough points in the Federal selection factors points. Many Hong Kongers may apply for the Canada Family Sponsorship Visa to bring their family over after obtaining Canadian permanent residency. In contrast to the other options, this program has no specific education, work experience, language proficiency or investment requirements if the sponsor can prove financial support and authenticity of the relationship.



Ireland’s rich cultural history, welcoming disposition, and English speaking community along with its low crime rates and comfortable quality of life has made it an enticing immigration choice for Hong Kongers. As one of the wealthier countries in the world, Ireland offers not only less high-risk investment options and low inflation rates but also top-notch healthcare, world-class education, and exceptional working conditions. The country allows dual citizenship which means that individuals can keep their original passport without any issues. The relatively shorter waiting time is an added bonus for those looking for an overseas home away from home.

There are a few ways to immigrate to Ireland and obtain Irish citizenship if you are not born in Ireland or married to an Irish citizen. Hong Kongers can apply for an Ireland Work Permit, the Irish Green Card, or through the Start-up Entrepreneur Program or the Immigrant Investor Program Ireland. The Irish Work Permit enables an individual to work in Ireland temporarily and take a specific position of employment while the Irish Green Card is aimed for those looking to enter the country with skills, qualifications, and experience in designated sectors where a skill shortage has been identified. The Start-up Entrepreneur Program approves applicants with an innovative business idea and a minimum investment of 50,000 euros to set up the business whereas the Immigrant Investor Programme Ireland requires candidates to invest at least 1 million euros, from the applicant’s own resources, for at least three years. Although these are temporary, it can lead to permanent residency with time.



The beautiful Mediterranean country of Cyprus is recognized as one of the most livable countries in the world due to its stable government, flourishing economy, and proximity to major markets. As part of the EU, passport holders can gain the right to live, work, and study in all 28 EU member countries. The excellent living conditions, reliable healthcare system, and free education services are supplemented by the business-friendly atmosphere, open foreign investment, and low tax regime. Hong Kong people looking to immigrate overseas are also able to get by easily since English is broadly used throughout the country.

A quick and effective way to get Cypriot citizenship is through the Cyprus Investment Programme. Since it does not have any specific language, education, or business experience requirements, it is one of the simpler methods of obtaining citizenship within the EU. Applicants can acquire citizenship within 6 to 8 months and are not required to reside in the country as long as they make the minimum donation and investment into the Cypriot economy. Individuals must also purchase a property in the country. If they can fill these criteria, the applicant’s immediate family can apply for Cypriot citizenship and passport.



With so many different immigration options and considerations, figuring exactly what you want can be difficult. As a professional immigration consulting agency, Simard & Associates is dedicated to helping clients in Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific regions to immigrate to other countries. By understanding your preferences, needs, conditions, and financial situations, we are able to provide immigration solutions that work for you. Learn more about the different programs in Canada, Ireland, and Cyprus or get in touch with our team of experienced immigration lawyers, consultants and global immigration experts today to realize your immigration plans and achieve your immigration dreams.