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On November 12, Canada announced a new immigration initiative that will attract students and youths from Hong Kong to Canada by offering a new open work permit and study permit, and broadening their pathways to permanent residency. This initiative builds on the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan and is designed to encourage recent Hong Kong graduates and those with essential work experience to choose Canada as a place to study, work, and settle.


Open Work Permits

  • A new work permit initiative specifically for Hong Kong youths will provide open work permits of up to 3 years in duration, with eligibility criteria looking at their post-secondary education completed in the last 5 years either in Canada or abroad. Eligible spouses or common-law partners, as well as dependent children, can also apply for a study or work permit. This initiative is expected to launch in 2021.  
  • This 3-year work permit will allow Hong Kong youths to come and work in Canada and broaden their pathways to obtaining permanent residency in Canada.


Study Permits

  • The government will also expedite study permit applications for Hong Kong youths who want to study in Canada. Minister Mendicino announced that qualified Hong Kong youths would have a new dedicated pathway to permanent residence once their studies are completed.