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Everything about Getting a Job in Canada

Canada has always been among the world’s most attractive immigration destinations for Hong Kongers, largely because of its welfare system, open-minded and hard-working culture, and superlative living standards.

Canada offers a number of excellent immigration programs, although requirements vary depending on which you are considering applying for.

Canada’s highest-demanding industries

Canada releases its list of Federal Skilled Worker Program – Eligible Occupations on an annual basis. It shows the industries and occupations in the Canadian labour market which are crying out the most for positions to be filled. According to the to 2019 list, managerial positions are in greatest demand

If you would like to emigrate to and work in Canada, it may be useful to take note of the following industries in which management positions are highly sought-after:

  •     Construction
  •     F&B
  •     Finance
  •     Hospitality
  •     Medicine
  •     Property management
  •     Real estate
  •     Retail
  •     Transportation
  •     Trading

There is also a growing and very real demand for engineers, especially in the chemical, civil, electronic or mechanical fields. Furthermore, it’s worth knowing that job-seekers with exceptional skill sets and resumes can be set on a fast-track program to accelerate their naturalization in Canada.

On the other hand, knowing which jobs are in highest demand in the Canadian labour market is quite different from understanding how to get work there in the first place. Here are several suggestions of finding work in Canada.

How to find jobs in Canada

Career fairs

A career fair is an event organized by a third party in a common area such as an auditorium, sports centre or hall. A career fair is organized with a view toward hiring people for multiple organizations. Attending a career fair often shows potential employers that the person has passion and enthusiasm for securing a career in their given industry, which is obviously very attractive to potential employers.

Career fairs are generally conducted for middle-tier jobs, often for graduates or individuals who are only just starting out in their careers. They are considered incredible time-saving events for both employers and jobseekers alike.

Some of the organizations that most commonly participate in career fairs include

  •     Banking
  •     Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  •     Customer support
  •     Hospitality
  •     IT
  •     Telecommunications

Attending a career fair allows a  jobseeker to get his or her personality and ambitions known, a surefire way of getting ahead of the game down the line. There is an opportunity to have one’s resume analyzed by a seasoned industry professional, with tips and advice given on how it can be improved if you want to beat the competition. A career fair also encourages the development of strong interpersonal skills and relational dynamics, especially for jobseekers who may very well be talented at what they do but who struggle to assert themselves.

Online search

Gone are the days of circling job advertisements in the Sunday newspaper. There are two primary advantages to searching for a career online.

  1. Convenience. From the comfort of your own home, you can access literally thousands of career openings across the entire world free of charge — including jobs in Canada!
  2. Cost-effective. Online job searches negate any costs of printing resumes and cover letters and paying for postage. Furthermore, applying for a job far away means you might be given a video interview, which saves on travel expenses.

There are a myriad of excellent online job search engines, including

  •     Indeed, a worldwide employment-related search engine.
  •     Eluta.ca, a Toronto-based job search engine that specializes in those looking for jobs in Canada.
  •     Glassdoor, where both current and former employees can leave anonymous reviews of a company, lending businesses a certain level of veracity which is invaluable to prospective employees.
  •     Workopolis, another Toronto-based job search engine and Canada’s leading career website.
  •     Monster.ca

The benefits of a career in Canada

Canada is a beautiful, multicultural and vibrant country, with excellent working conditions and numerous and significant worker benefits.

  •     Monetary stability and strength. The Canadian economy is among the most grounded on the planet, therefore offering a wide determination of profession choices for potential immigrants.
  •     Low crime rate. Canada is incredibly safe. Violence is uncommon and gun possession is significantly lower than in the neighboring US.
  •     Healthcare. Medical treatment in Canada is subsidized by government charges and therefore free to naturalized citizens. Every province has its own wellbeing spending plan.
  •     A landscape unlike any other. Canada covers 10 million square kilometers, making it the world’s second-largest nation. It is characterized by picturesque sights far and wide and conducive to a huge amount of activities out in nature for individuals of all ages and abilities, including skiing, kayaking and climbing.
  •     A cultural melting pot. Canada is a happy, friendly country, prosperous in its great GDP procured from the gas and oil industries and highly respected among fellow world-leading nations. Influxes of movement from South America, Europe and Asia have improved and upgraded Canada’s culinary scene to a significant extent.

So what are you waiting for?

An entire new world awaits many talented, go-getting and effervescent Hong Kong job-seekers in the Great White North. Simard & Associates can help. We are a Hong Kong-based professional immigration intermediary for clients in Canada, North America and other popular and desirable immigrant countries. Get in touch today and see how we can help turbo-start your brand new career in Canada!


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