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Greece has always been a tourist destination, with millions of tourists traveling to Greece every year. The most important thing is that Greece has a very good immigration policy, only the required investment amount is needed to obtain the permanent residence in Greece, that’s why Greek immigration is very attractive to investors.


Greece, like Portugal, has a Golden Visa program that allows Hong Kong people to invest in property with a low threshold.

Greece Immigration Policy 2022

According to the latest regulations of the Greek Immigration Policy 2022, if you want to obtain residency in Greece, you need to purchase real estate in Greece or make a certain amount of investment. In order to obtain residency in Greece through the purchase of real estate, it is necessary to purchase a property of at least 250,000 Euros and the applicant must hold the property for 5 years. Another way to obtain it is by making an investment of 250,000 Euros, which is required to meet the 10-year requirement.


In addition, residency in Greece can be obtained by purchasing 400,000 Euros in Greek bonds or by depositing 400,000 Euros in a Greek bank. Overall, the Greek immigration policy generally limits the amount of investment to more than 400,000 Euros or 250,000 Euros for the purchase of real estate.

Advantages of immigrating to Greece

Reliable Investment

Investment in real estate, safe and reliable, stable income


Beautiful Country

Greece is located in the Mediterranean Sea, with beautiful Mediterranean scenery, and very close to the romantic Aegean Sea.


Free access to Europe

With the right of residence in Greece, you can freely enter and leave the 26 Schengen member countries in Europe. Visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 158 countries worldwide.


No double taxation

Applicants do not have to declare their income outside Greece and their consumption level is lower than other European countries.


Naturalization of children after 6 years of school

Application can be submitted before the age of 18 and naturalization can be obtained after 6 years of schooling in Greece. If you get an EU passport, you can go to school in an EU country.


Low threshold, fast approval

It takes only 3 months to obtain a Greek residence permit, with no language, education, work experience, business background or proof of financial resources.

Introduction to the Greece Golden Visa


– The visa is renewed every 5 years and the applicant does not need to reside in Greece during this period.

– Fingerprint verification is required at the time of initial and renewal.

– After 5 years, the residence permit can be renewed for another 5 years as long as the investor still owns the property.

– Parents who sell a property worth more than €25 to an adult child can obtain permanent residence as an investor.

– A separate visa is required to work in Greece.

– The Greek Investor Permanent Residence Permit Program is not equivalent to naturalization in Greece.

Application Requirements


– Applicants must be at least 18 years old and non-EU residents

– Purchase of real estate in Greece for 250,000 Euros or more

– Purchase Greek health insurance

– No criminal record

– The investor’s parents, parents-in-law, spouse and children (under 21 years old) are eligible to apply, permanent residence status is renewed every 5 years and has been changed to “Permanent Residence Card”.

Application Process

The application process for Greek immigrants is less complicated than other countries, and the application cycle is shorter and the requirements for applicants are more relaxed. As a result, many foreign investors are attracted to Greece. The key requirement is to make an investment amount that meets the government’s requirements for the Golden Visa program. After that, you need to collect and provide all the necessary documents required by the Greek government immigration department, including your identification and relevant investment information.


1: Select the property and sign the reservation agreement


2: Transfer the money and provide the domestic POA (Power of Attorney) to sign all documents and sign the POA


3: Fingerprinting appointment, while the attorney assists with the transfer of the property


4: Preparation of documents and visa application


5: Registration in Greece – fingerprinting


6: Obtaining a residence card, normally within 2 to 4 months


It is important to note that the application fee is not included in the investment amount. When applying for immigration, it is important to choose a proper immigration agency to apply, otherwise the application process may become more complicated and the most serious consequence is to be cheated, and the investment amount will be cheated before the immigration is successful.


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