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Japan's Highly skilled professional Visa

A special visa category called the Highly Skilled Professional Visa for Japan is aimed at attracting outstanding overseas professionals in various kinds of industries. 

A special visa category called the Highly Skilled Professional Visa for Japan is aimed at attracting outstanding overseas professionals in various kinds of industries. This visa is a component of Japan’s plan to attract professionals with advanced skills and expertise in order to increase its competitiveness in the global market. Three main areas are covered by the visa: Advanced Business Management Activities, Advanced Specialized/Technical Activities, and Advanced Academic Research Activities.

Candidates are assessed using a point system that takes into account many aspects such as age, professional experience, education, and work history. This visa gives various benefits above regular work visas to those who score high enough to qualify.

This visa offers a more straightforward route to assimilation into Japanese society and the workforce, making it an attractive choice for highly qualified individuals looking to work and possibly permanently in Japan.


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Who is eligible for a Highly Skilled Professional Visa in Japan?

A points-based method is used to evaluate eligibility for the Highly Skilled Professional Visa in Japan. This system emphasizes high-level talents, experience, and contributions in particular disciplines. Advanced business management abilities, advanced specialized/technical skills, and advanced academic research are the main categories.

Candidates must meet requirements within these categories and accrue a certain number of points in order to be eligible.

    This category includes people working in universities or other comparable institutions who conduct research, provide research guidance, or teach. Points are given out in accordance with income, research findings, academic accomplishments, and other pertinent variables.
    This includes people with particular training or expertise in the humanities or natural sciences. Professional experience, educational background, and annual remuneration are among the qualifying requirements.
    This is intended for those working in Japanese business management or operations. Points are awarded in this area according on the applicant’s professional background, business scale, and role within the organization.

In addition to reaching the point requirement, candidates must also meet the regular requirements for a status of residence in Japan, such as not having a criminal record, and have a work offer in Japan in a suitable profession. Potential applicants must carefully evaluate their eligibility based on the most recent instructions supplied by the Japanese immigration authorities, as the specific point requirements and criteria differ.

Benefits of Japan’s Highly Skilled Professional Visa

For highly talented international professionals, the Japan Highly talented Professional (HSP) Visa is an appealing alternative because to its many benefits. These perks are intended to make it easier for visa holders and their families to have a good and worthwhile stay in Japan.

  • Extended Duration of Stay
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency
  • Work Authorization for Spouse
  • Permission to Bring Parents and Domestic Helpers
  • Permission for Multiple Activities
  • Preferential Processing of Immigration Procedures
  • Education and Childcare Support
  • Access to Local Integration and Support Services

The Japanese Highly Skilled Professional Visa point criteria offer a structure for assessing candidates according to their qualifications, background, and prospective benefits to the country’s economy and society.

    Points are given according to the degree of education obtained, such as a doctorate, master’s, or bachelor’s degree. Generally speaking, higher educational qualifications are worth more points.
    Another important consideration is prior work experience in the relevant field. The years of experience and the type of work experience have a big impact on how many points are given.
    Points can be added for pertinent honors, qualifications, and professional accomplishments. This covers articles, patents, and professional credentials relevant to the applicant’s specialty.
    One of the main components of the points system in Japan is the anticipated salary. greater scores correspond to greater pay, indicating the market value and skill level of the applicant.
    Japanese language proficiency is highly regarded, and the points system reflects this. More points are awarded for higher levels of language proficiency.
  • AGE
    With the belief that younger professionals can contribute to the Japanese labor for a longer period of time, younger applicants typically receive more points.
    Additional variables like research accomplishments, company investment scale, or academic contributions may also affect the total points, depending on the kind of visa.
  • One visa application form (nationals of Russia, CIS countries or Georgia need to submit two visa application forms)
  • Passport
  • One photograph (nationals of Russia or CIS countries or Georgia need to submit two photographs)
  • Certificate of Eligibility (Note) – original or a copy (If you have an electronic Certificate of Eligibility, please present it at the visa application counter or submit a printed copy)

Chinese nationals are requested to also submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the Chinese Family Register
  • Temporary Residence Permit or Residence Certificate (If the applicant does not have a family register within the region under the jurisdiction of the Embassy or Consulates where the application documents are submitted.)

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If you are qualified for this program and want us to review your profile, please contact us below.


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