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Looking to leave Hong Kong for a new life? Six reasons why immigrating to Quebec is your best choice!

6 Reasons for Immigrating to Quebec

With exceptional quality of life and natural beauty, Canada has proven to be a top destination for Hong Kongers in recent decades. Canada has been admired for its desirable living environment, excellent education, emphasis on personal development, superior living quality, and comprehensive retirement protection. Though all of the Canadian provinces and territories, as well as the cities within them, have their unique charm and attraction for immigrants, Quebec, the largest province of Canada, is an ever-popular choice. Why do people consider moving to here? Let’s take a look at the top six reasons for living in Quebec!

With exceptional quality of life and natural beauty, Canada has proven to be a top destination for Hong Kongers in recent decades. Canada has been admired for its desirable living environment, excellent education.


Each Canadian province has its own immigration programs. Nevertheless, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is the only program in Canada that grants permanent residency solely based on an applicant’s net worth (or even in combination with their spouse), management experience, and intention to settle in the province. Under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), there is no language requirement, and the applicants do not need to be responsible for or participate in their investment projects (no creation of a company is necessary). Furthermore, there are no constraints on business revenue or job creation. With more than 30 years of proven success, it has been widely received by migrants across the globe, including here in Hong Kong.

A successful application will eventually grant the applicant, their spouse, and their children the status of “permanent resident.” As permanent residents, accompanying children may apply to local schools and colleges as Canadian residents and enjoy the same benefits, including the discounted domestic tuition fee, as local stuudents.   


The education system of Hong Kong has long skewed towards prioritizing academic achievements, placing enormous pressure on children. Many parents must arrange a hectic schedule of tutorial classes simply for their kids to keep up with their academic progress. Inevitably, the artistic talent and sports development of children may fall behind. In stark contrast to that of Hong Kong, Quebec’s education system focuses on holistic development, helping to nurture kids in a less stressful and more enjoyable environment.

In addition, Quebec is a great place for children to master both English and French. Coupled with the historical background of Quebec, immigrants from diverse backgrounds have turned the province into a well-established bilingual society. Kids living in Quebec enjoy a significant advantage in picking up multiple languages, enhancing their competitive edge for their future.

In terms of higher education, Quebec is home to several renowned institutions. Dubbed “The Harvard of Canada,” McGill University is the oldest tertiary institution in Canada. Itss alumni prove its unrivaled prestige, having multiple Nobel Prize winners and the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau among the university’s alumni.

There is no doubt that all parents hope to give the best to their children. With the aim for kids to enjoy education of the best quality, leaving Hong Kong for Quebec can be a justified option for many.


Canada offers comprehensive welfare to its residents. The social programs of Canada cover almost every part of people’s daily life, ranging from free education to different kinds of bursaries. In addition to the welfare administered by the federal government, the Quebec government has a separate list of stipends for its residents. These å family allowances, special pregnancy benefits, child-care programs, and even a participation allowance for learning French!

Apart from the grants above, every resident of Quebec may apply for a health insurance card. The card enables residents to enjoy free access to healthcare services, including surgery and prenatal check-ups.


Quebec is the largest province of Canada, with a population of approximately eight million. Properties in Quebec cost an average of CAD $200,000 to CAD $300,000, relatively lower than prices in other major cities in Canada.

In addition, speculative activities are rare in Quebec compared to other Canadian cities. Learning from the experience of Vancouver and Toronto, the local government is drafting legislation to prevent speculators from disrupting the real estate market. For genuine homebuyers, the reasonable real estate prices in Quebec are appealing.


A convenient transportation network links Quebec with various North American cities. Its location has enabled the province to steadily develop economically.

Additionally, the Quebec government has been actively promoting technological research and development. Supportive policies, tax concessions, and financial incentives have been introduced to lure high-tech industries, particularly those from the artificial intelligence field. Other businesses are also well developed in Quebec, including aerospace technology firms, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications companies. Notably, almost half of the Canadian aerospace technology and pharmaceutical corporations are based in Quebec. The invaluable benefit bought by the business sector not only boosts Quebec’s competitiveness but also creates precious job opportunities for its residents.


As the largest province of Canada, Quebec is a vast territory with abundant resources. With a low crime rate and comprehensive infrastructure, the living cost in Quebec is lower than that of other cities in Canada. Perhaps this is why Quebecers are very pleased with their quality of life.

Some of you may be concerned about a dull overseas lifestyle after leaving Hong Kong. Do not worry! Life in Quebec is lively and fun, regardless of your hobbies or personality. Many famous arts organizations are based in Quebec, including the well-known Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM). Besides arts and culture, Quebec hosts quite a number of festivals and sports events every year, bringing fun and joy to everyone and perhaps some new friends, as well!

After all, Quebec is always one of the best places for migration, offering extensive protection and quality of life. Interested in leaving Hong Kong for Quebec? Speak with us and learn more.

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