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A guide to top universities in Canada – An Example of McGill University

Top Universities in Canada: McGill University

Canada is famous for its well-rounded education. Arguably the best university in Canada, and ranked among the top universities in the world, McGill University in Montreal, Quebec is the ideal choice for many parents and their children.

Attending McGill University is a dream for many students from Canada and abroad; it is not only one of the best universities in Canada but is also highly respected globally. This historic education institution is sometimes known as the “Harvard of Canada” due to its recognized tradition. Undoubtedly, McGill is a desirable option for many students from Canada and from abroad.

Top University Education in Canada

Canadian universities offer the same quality of education as those in the United States. The main distinction, however, is that these Canadian universities have significantly lower tuition fees than the ones in the United States; often times, tuition fees in Canadian universities can be a quarter of that of their US counterparts, or even lower! So, if you are looking for a quality education at an affordable cost, top universities in Canada should be your best choices.

A Few Facts about Education in Quebec

When it comes to choosing a university in Canada, tuition fees and living expenses are a central point of consideration for many parents. Compared to many other Canadian provinces, Quebec offers a quality lifestyle with a lower living cost.

Quebec is an ever-popular immigration destination, especially for Hong Kong locals. For parents who want their children to immerse in the local Canadian culture and better integrate into Canadian society, they can consider choosing cities in Quebec, instead of Vancouver or Toronto.

In Quebec, notably in Montreal, French and English are both commonly used. As a result, children living in Quebec are brought up in a bilingual environment from a very young age, which is, undoubtedly, an invaluable advantage.

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Experience Within last 10 years: 3+ years of experience as a business owner-manager, OR, 4+ years of experience as a senior manager, OR, a combination of 1+ year of experience as a business owner-manager and 2+ years of experience as a senior manager. Within last 10 years: 3+ years of experience as a business owner-manager, OR, 4+ years of experience as a senior manager, OR, a combination of 1+ year of experience as a business owner-manager and 2+ years of experience as a senior manager.

(Source: https://www.welcomebc.ca)

Why Choose McGill University

Why do so many parents want their children to study in Canada? Because they believe education in Canada inspires an enthusiastic learning attitude, helps develop independent and well-rounded thinking, as well as encourages students to explore their individuality and play to their strengths.

With nearly 200 years of history, McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, has been ranked first among Canadian universities for 12 consecutive years. It is Canada’s best research-based university and is the only Canadian representative in the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF), which assists in shaping the World Economic Forum’s agenda.

McGill University is the first Canadian university to establish a medical school and hosts the largest medical research facilities and on-campus health centre. McGill is not short of talent – it is the home to more than 136 Rhodes Scholars and nine Noble Prize winners (graduates and professors). No wonder McGill University is recognized as one of the most influential educational institutions in the world.

Montreal’s developing industries is another reason why it is so popular among immigrants. In recent years, the government of Quebec has poured ample resources into developing its tech scene; a rising trend that Canadian university graduates can unquestionably take advantage of. Take the example of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field; the Quebec government intends to establish Montreal as the new “Silicon Valley” of AI, so to attract more tech and internet giants to the market. This has created and certainly will continue to the job market and offer numerous opportunities for Canadian university graduates who will incubate in this environment.

Quebec’s strategy has attracted a number of large international firms to invest in Montreal, and Facebook is a good illustration of this; the global social media giant launched an artificial intelligence research lab in Montreal in 2017 as the city becomes a burgeoning AI sector due the Quebec government’s policy and support in the tech industry. This would put Montreal in the same league as New York City, Berlin and Menlo Park California, as a concentration of expertise in the area of AI.

In addition, Facebook has also announced its intention to invest CAD$ 7 million in Montreal’s AI community to fund research and students. This is solid evidence that, with the continuous emphasis on technology and AI of the Quebec government, Montreal will rapidly grow into a bigger tech and AI hub for local tech professionals, as well as those from across Canada. Talents graduated from Canadian universities, such as McGill, will play an important part in the labour force in Montreal, and in helping to strengthen the leading reputation of Canada on the global stage.

Immigration to Quebec – A Step Closer to the Top University in Canada, McGill University

Your child’s education may be a prime concern if you are planning to immigrate to Canada. Canadian universities charge international students, in comparison to local students, a significantly higher tuition fee. Take McGill as an example: the annual tuition and additional miscellaneous expenses cost CAD $5,000 to $8,000 for students from Quebec while international students pay four to five times more.

Although it is now quite common for young children to study abroad alone, many parents feel their close presence and guidance a crucial part in children’s growth. As a result, many parents decide on family immigration to Canada, so they can take part in their children’s childhood, and benefit from the outstanding education Canada has to offer and to do so economically.

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