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Among the many European immigrant countries, Portugal has always been of great interest to Chinese investors. Many Portuguese immigrants have said that living in Portugal is really a very happy thing. What is the charm of Portugal that makes so many people yearn for this country? How does it make its residents feel happy?


1. the global investment immigration policy. In the 2015 global investment immigration policy ranking published by the international agency Henley & Partners, Portugal’s “residence” investment immigration policy was ranked first and was more competitive among the immigration policies of European countries, overpowering traditional immigration countries such as the United States and Canada. It has consolidated its position as a dark horse in the arena of home purchase immigration.


2. Portugal is one of the freest countries in the world in terms of human rights. The Human Rights Freedom Index is an important indicator of the freedom of a country or region. According to the published ranking, which covers 152 countries and territories around the world, the following indicators are examined: the absence of mandatory restrictions on individuals, as well as 76 indicators of human rights and economic freedom, such as law enforcement, religion, security, personal activities, and the size of government and personal relationships.


3. it is indeed one of the top seven countries that are more suitable for retirement. According to BBC radio in the United Kingdom, they named Portugal as one of the top seven countries in the world that are more suitable for retirees. In particular, the Algarve region of Portugal is a popular destination for many European retirees because of its mild climate and 3,300 hours of sunshine a year, making it one of the sunnier regions in Europe. The good vacation resources and the perfect infrastructure make Portugal a European “Retiree’s Paradise”.


4. the global reputation of the country ranked 18th. U.S., Canada and other Group of Eight (G8) 48,000 investors voted online on the reputation of the global countries. The voting included a number of categories: political security, culture and economy, social welfare, tourism and cuisine. Portugal was ranked 18th, ahead of very competitive countries such as Singapore (20th), the United States (22nd) and Brazil (26th).


5. six of Portugal’s universities were ranked by the European Union’s “Multidimensional Global University Ranking” (U-Multirank), which ranks universities around the world. In this global university ranking, U-Multirank evaluated more than 1,200 institutions in 85 countries in five major areas: quality of teaching, reputation for research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and regional participation. Six institutions of higher education in Portugal stood out from these thousands of institutions.


6. according to Eurostat data, a survey conducted on the “purchasing power of 100 euros” as an object shows that Portugal is the euro zone, the purchasing power of the euro, that is, the price level of the country, 100 euros is equivalent to the purchasing power of 122 euros in Germany.


7. one of the countries where new immigrants are more easily integrated According to a study published by MIPEX (Migration Integration Policy Index), Portugal is still one of the countries in the world where immigrants are more accepted and integrated, ranking second in the world. Portugal is known throughout Europe and the world for its warm and tolerant character, it is not xenophobic compared to other European countries, and now, according to official data, more than 2,000 families from mainland China are living in Portugal as new immigrants.


8. a survey published by InterNations, a global website for expatriates, points out that Portugal is currently the friendlier country in Europe and one of the top ten friendly countries and regions in the world.


9. Finally, it turns out that this is the reason why Portuguese immigrants are so popular, happiness is so simple. Investors only need to invest a minimum of 280,000 Euros in real estate and 500,000 Euros in funds in Portugal, and then the whole family can be granted the golden residency status in one step and enjoy the same benefits as Portuguese citizens in terms of health and education, and children applying to universities in EU countries can also enjoy EU MFN status.


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