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The high quality of life, encompassing welfare structure and remarkable education system has made Canada a very popular immigration destination, especially among those from Hong Kong. Here are four ways that you can immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong and become a Canadian permanent resident. 



1. Family-based immigration


One of the ways to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong is through family-based immigration. Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply for permanent residency for their spouse, common-law partner, or children. Since there are no specific education, work experience, language proficiency or investment requirements, it is one of the most straightforward and fastest ways to get Canadian citizenship. 

To apply, first check the eligibility of both yourself and your spouse against the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) eligibility requirements. Second, access and prepare all the necessary forms and supporting documents from the sponsorship application. After acquiring all the paperwork in hard copy, mail them to the IRCC office. Once it is submitted, a decision should be made within approximately 12 months. It is important to remember that the sponsor must reside in Canada or show that they intend to return to Canada after their spouse or children have been successfully granted a Canadian permanent residency. 


2. Entrepreneurial stream

There are a few options for individuals that want to go through the entrepreneurial stream to obtain Canadian citizenship. Choose to apply either through the Start-Up Visa Program or one of the provincial nominee programs. 


Start-Up Visa Program

Foreign national entrepreneurs can take advantage of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program. This program aims to bring thriving start-ups and innovative enterprises to Canada to encourage new economic growth and provide opportunities for the local population. To be eligible, applicants must have already created their business or have a well-planned idea for a business, secured commitment from a designated Canadian business investment organisation or incubator, and have enough funds to settle in Canada for themselves and their family members. There is also a language proficiency requirement with this method of immigration. To apply and immigrate to Canada, prepare and submit the application form on the IRCC website, acquire all the necessary documentation, and pay the application of 1,575 CAD for the principal plus a 500 CAD right of permanent residence fee. If you have an accompanying partner, you would need to pay an additional 825 CAD and another 500 CAD for the right of permanent residence fee. Mail the application in an envelope directly to the IRCC’s office in Nova Scotia. Although this entire process can take about 12 to 16 months, the applicant can apply for a temporary work permit and begin working in Canada even before the approval of their permanent residence application. 


Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

There are a few provincial nominee programs including the New Brunswick Provincial Program, Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, and British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. As the name suggests, the specific program you apply to relates to the specific province. These programs target entrepreneurs who wish to establish, operate and actively manage a business in these locations. To get Canadian permanent residency from Hong Kong through these programs, individuals have to apply first to the province that they want to move to before submitting a second application to the federal government. Apply by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI), providing a comprehensive business plan, and demonstrating that you have the skills, education, and work experience to make a positive contribution to the local economy and society by meeting all the eligibility requirements. After the provincial application approval is made by the Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) department, applicants can submit the permanent residency visa application to the IRCC office. The exact time that it takes to hear back from these programs depends on the specific province. It could take from just 6 months to 19 months. 


3. Investment programs

While the entrepreneurial stream requires the candidate to demonstrate an active intent to stay and work in Canada, investment programs, such as the popular Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, simply require applicants to have the appropriate net worth obtained through lawful means and make the mandatory investment. These programs are designed to attract high net worth individuals who can make a substantial contribution to the country’s economic development. Apply to immigrate to Canada from Hong Kong through this method by signing an investment agreement with an authorized financial intermediary and make a five-year term investment with the Quebec government. After receiving the selection certificate, the candidate can apply for Canadian permanent residency. 


4. Skilled worker programs

As a way to tackle the ageing population and a talent shortage problem in some industries, Canada established the Federal Skilled Workers Program which allows proficient candidates to immigrate to Canada and work in specific industries as long as they are able to prove their intention to settle and score enough points in the Federal selection factors points. Ranking factors include human capital factors such as the age, level of education, official language proficiency, and work experience for the applicant and their partner, as well as the transferability of their skills. This is ideal for Hong Kong workers who want to utilize their skills in Canada but may not have the net worth necessary for the other programs or do not manage a business. The exact processing time varies on the application, but it should take approximately 9 months from the application invitation to the time you hear back. 



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