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There are 700 to 750 quotas for Canadian federal SUV entrepreneur immigration each year. Although the SUV investor immigrant shares the category with the federal self-employed immigrant, there are surplus quotas almost every year.

Starting from 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has fully supported SUV immigration applicants to come to Canada to promote economic development. In this article we will discuss what the scope of consideration for Canadian SUV entrepreneur immigration refusal is and how to solve it.

Simard & Associates will give you a detailed introduction to the scope of the review that IRCC might reject the visa!

The actual operation of the project is the most important assessment
  1. If IRCC believes that the application is primarily for the purpose of obtaining immigrant status and not establishing a business in Canada, the case will be refused.
  2. The lead founder is not actively running the business in Canada after obtaining the work visa.
  3. The designated agency on the official website of IRCC screens carefully the investment projects. This is also one important steps for IRCC’s approval. The applicant’s submitted entrepreneurial project will be strictly reviewed by the three major agencies designated by IRCC.

Solution: The applicant must submit projects that will actually operate, and must have certain experience in the control of high-quality projects.

  • The main purpose of the SUV program is to start a business in Canada and then apply for immigration status.
  • After obtaining a work visa, the applicant will need to travel to Canada to start a business and be active in business.
The applicant's team does not integrate with the project

In some companies’ operating mode, there is zero communication and no communication between members of the team from the beginning to the end. This is a very serious problem. This is also the scope of consideration by IRCC, and it will also lead to refusal of visas.

  1. The main creator and other project members did not communicate during the entire process of entrepreneurship and immigration.
  2. Except for the fact that the main founder is familiar with the project, other members have no knowledge of the project at all. This situation is also a main point of IRCC’s concerns.
  3. Some commercial projects purchased without business history, even if they can receive the Letter of Support from the incubator, IRCC will conduct a rigorous review again during the random inspection.
The successful concept of Canadian SUV entrepreneur immigration
  1. Real projects are subject to review by a professional team. The scope ranges from the history of project creation, business status and the creator himself, and due diligence must be done for each project.
  2. To promote the success of the project, starting from the creation of the team, everyone in the team must get to know each other, get along and communicate with each other in the group, progress and grow with each other until the end. Only in this way the entire team can operate smoothly and obtain PR.

The above is the scope of consideration and solutions for the refusal of Canadian SUV entrepreneurial immigration. If you want to know more about Canadian immigration,  contact us please. Simard & Associates brings together a team of professional and experienced immigration consultants and lawyers, who have completed various Canadian immigration program applications for countless families and applicants, providing one-stop immigration consulting services, helping your new life in Canada.