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The Canadian government welcomes people from different countries to study in Canada, which can improve economic to the country.  Canada has always been open to immigration policies compared to other countries such as the United States, but some visa applications can still be refused by the government . The common point is that visa applicants have tendance to immigrate, no matter the visa is for visiting relatives, seeing a doctor, short-term or long-term study.

Advantages for study in Canada
  1. Work visa

After graduation, students with high school education and above in Canada can obtain a work visa for the same period of time as the study period, up to a maximum of 3 years. Most provinces can apply for immigration if one finds a suitable job!

  1. Free education for children

For foreign students who study full-time degree programs at Canadian university colleges with study visas, their children can apply for free public education at the local public education bureau. The length of free time is equal to the length of the student visa.

  1. Partner work visa

For married students who are studying full-time at a Canadian university or college on a study visa, their spouses can apply for a work visa at the same as with the study visa.

Who could apply for the mature student program to Canada?

Immigration Canada has different visa guidelines for students of different ages. Generally speaking, visa application is the easiest for applicants under 30, and there is a certain risk of refusal of visas over the age of 30. The older one is, the greater the chance of refusal. In any case, developing a convincing study abroad plan for the visa officer can greatly reduce the risk of refusal by the Canadian Immigration Service.


Applicants under the age of 25 are mostly students without practical work experience. They are in the advanced study stage, and their intention to study abroad is obvious. Most of the candidates aged 25 to 30 have graduated, have certain work experience, and do not have enough financial strength to guarantee themselves. They mainly go to Canada for advanced courses such as masters. Such individuals are relatively less likely to be rejected when applying to study in Canada.

Immigration over 30

There are many applicants between the age of 30 to 35 applying to study in Canada. For those over 40 who apply to study in Canada, the refusal rate is relatively high. Immigration officer believes that these applicants have tendence to. The Canadian Immigration Service will also strictly scrutinize these applicants.

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