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Immigration Consultancy Services: How to Choose & What to Expect

Deciding to immigrate to another country is an important decision. You don’t want to run into any problems or complications that might affect your relocation or your immigration plans. If you are short on time, feeling overwhelmed with all the various program options, confused regarding the required paperwork, or simply don’t want to risk the application, hiring a skilled and trusted immigration consultancy service may help you streamline the immigration process. With expert guidance and assistance, you can increase your chances while minimizing stress. Since immigration conditions are constantly changing or updating, having professional insight and experience may be what you need to realize and achieve your immigration dreams. 


What to expect?

Immigration consultancies are experts in helping you through the immigration process from start to finish. For example, if you are unsure which immigration program is the best one for your specific circumstance, the immigration agency can explore your options and direct you to one that best suits your needs. If you have your heart set on a particular country, they can assess your chances of being approved for a visa, help you put together the immigration application to make sure that it is accurate and error-free, and prepare you for any scheduled interviews with visa officers. Immigration lawyers and consultants are trained to assist in all facets of immigration, from family sponsorships, appeals, working visas, refugee claims, to temporary residency. 

Immigration agencies and consultancy services can be very helpful and play a crucial role in helping you and your family immigrate hassle-free. That is why it is important to choose an agency and a service that can meet your needs. Here are 4 things you should look for when you hire an immigration service


1. Are they registered?

Many countries have an immigration regulatory body to govern immigration agencies and ensure their professional conduct, such as the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) of Canada or the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) of the UK. Check to see if the immigration consultancy is registered or has the qualifications relating to the country that you are interested in moving to. Additionally, seeing which countries the immigration firm is registered in shows the countries they specialize and have experience in. Since the purpose of hiring an immigration agency is to increase your chances of immigrating to a specific country, you should choose one that has expertise in that particular country. 


2. Firm or freelancers?

Double-check whether the immigration consultancy is a firm or an agency for freelancers. Consultancy firms tend to be more trustworthy and provide better service as they are less likely to outsource the work. Having your immigration needs met within a firm can ensure that your private information is not shared with too many people. The in-house service also means that the same people are following your case from start to finish, and the person working closely with you knows your situation and can provide the most suitable immigration solutions. Additionally, understand that the cheapest may not be the most cost-effective. You want to make sure that the person taking over your case is not taking on too many clients and can focus on your case. 


3. What do other people say?

Hearing feedback and firsthand account testimonies are very useful in judging whether the immigration consultancy or immigration agency you are considering is the one for you. By seeing reviews from other people looking for similar services to you, you can see a clearer picture of the detailed care and scope of services you will receive. In other words, it adds credibility to the company. 


4. Communication is key

Reading through reviews and feedback is only one side of the picture. To get a better grasp of what exactly you will be getting by hiring an immigration consultancy service, you should directly reach out to the company to see for yourself how approachable they are and their commitment to helping you. Ask questions that can expose their in-depth knowledge about different programs in the countries you are interested in. Finally, you want to make sure that the company prioritizes honesty and transparency. Do not get pulled into immigration companies that offer false promises like guaranteeing that your business will succeed after you immigrate due to their personal connections. This is a big red flag and may cost your application with the governing immigration bodies. Transparency is vital when dealing with issues as delicate as immigration.


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