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Portugal D8 Visa: The Complete Guide for Digital Nomads

5 July 2024   |  Portugal

Portugal D8 Visa: The Complete Guide for Digital Nomads

Remote workers and independent contractors can become residents of Portugal with a digital nomad visa. With this kind of visa, citizens of non-EU nations can seek to become residents of Portugal.

Portugal offers national type D visas for digital nomads. Once your visa has been approved, you are allowed to stay in Portugal for a minimum of one year. You can enjoy the benefits of living by the ocean and connecting with like-minded people as a professional who is driven to relocate to a nomad-friendly nation.

Flexibility and remote work go hand in hand, and many people want to see the idea of the digital nomad become a reality. In addition to continuing to advance your career, you can travel to many new places. You can work from anywhere in the nation while taking in its natural beauty.

Eligibility Requirements for Portugal D8 Visa

The following are some of the important requirements for obtaining a Portugal D8 Visa:

  • You need to be older than 18 years old.
  • In non-EU and non-EEA nations, you have to be a citizen.
  • You will work entirely remotely either as a freelancer or under a regular contract.
  • You can prove that you have earned at least €3,040 in total from all sources.
  • You must present proof of your confirmed accommodation in Portugal, or in the case of rented homes, an extended agreement lasting at least one year.
  • After five years, a citizenship application may be obtained.

Applicants from outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland may apply for the D8 Visa, often known as the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa.

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Visa Types for Portugal D8 Visa

Portugal offers Digital Nomad Visas, which enable people to live in Portugal and work remotely for companies located overseas, in response to the expanding trend of remote employment. For digital nomads, there are two kinds of visas available:

Visa for Temporary Stay

You are granted a 12-month stay in Portugal with this visa. Although it can be renewed four times, it cannot be extended for residency purposes.

Here’s a brief summary:

  • Time period: Around 12 months.
  • Renewable: It is possible for renewal up to four times.
  • Income Requirement: Must have a monthly income of €3,280 is required.
  • Accommodation: In order to be accepted a minimum lease agreement is needed.
  • Bank Account: Certain consulates may require a Portuguese bank account.
  • Police Clearance: There must be no criminal convictions on record.
  • Family Reunification: Family reunification is not allowed with this visa.

Non-EU/EEA nationals who can work remotely and meet the income requirements are the ideal candidates for this visa. It enables you to visit Portugal for a limited time without committing to a permanent residence.

Visa for Long-Term Stay

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa for long-term stays is known as the Residency Visa.

Here are a few important features:

  • Validity: This visa is initially only good for four months, however after you enter Portugal, you can apply for a two-year resident permit.
  • Renewal: Three more years are allowed for the residency permit to be renewed.
  • Income Requirement: Must have a monthly income of €3,040 is required.
  • Documents: Among other things, you’ll need a current passport, proof of income, health insurance, and a clean criminal record.
  • Application cost: There is a €75–€90 application cost.
  • Family: Feel free to bring your loved ones with you.

For non-EU/EEA nationals who want to live and work in Portugal while working remotely for companies with headquarters elsewhere, this visa is suitable.

Taxes for Portugal D8 Visa Holderstion Process

The following are the key tax-related details for the Portugal D8 Visa:

Status as a Non-Habitual Resident (NHR): Tax benefits are available to digital nomads who have resided in Portugal for more than 183 days. This status is renewable for a period of 10 years.

Tax Rate with NHR Status: Rather than paying the regular rate of up to 48%, digital nomads with NHR status pay a fixed 20% tax rate on income earned within Portugal.

Global Income: The NHR status exempts global income from taxation.

Short-Term Stay: You are not need to register as a tax resident if you are only in Portugal for a few days.

Long-Term Stay: Those with long-term visas who stay in Portugal for more than 183 days are required to register as tax residents.

Benefits of Portugal D8 Visa

Portugal’s D8 Visa has the following benefits:

Residency: Visa holders are permitted to remain in Portugal for a minimum of one year, after which they may seek for citizenship and renew their stay for a maximum of five years.

Travel: Those with valid visas are able to enter the Schengen area without a need for one, making it easy to travel throughout Europe.

Cost and Effort: The application process is typically low-cost and low-effort when compared to other national visas; it only requires documentation of sufficient income and the ability to work remotely.

Benefits related to taxes: you may be able to qualify as a non-habitual resident for tax purposes, which could result in ten years of lower tax rates or exemptions.

Application Process for Portugal D8 Visa

Step 1:  Verify Your Eligibility Criteria
Make sure your monthly salary is at least €3,040, and prepare to provide documentation of your remote employment arrangement.

Step 2: Get the necessary documents ready

Collect all required paperwork, such as:

  • A valid passport
  • Passport photos (4.5 x 3.5 cm).
  • A partnership or contract confirming to remote employment.
  • Bank statements displaying savings and earnings each month.
  • Proof of accommodation demonstrating you are staying in Portugal.
  • Portugal’s required health insurance
  • A Portuguese translation of a no criminal record clearance certificate.
  • A Portuguese tax identity number, or NIF registration certificate.
  • An English-language letter explaining your decision to move to Portugal.

Step 3: Applying for a Visa
Complete the application for a visa. You can get it at the Portuguese embassy or consulate.

Step 4: Submit the Application
Schedule a meeting with the Portuguese embassy or consulate. After that, you can send in your application and the necessary paperwork.

Step 5: Await for approval
Processing times can differ. As soon as your application is accepted, you will receive a notification.

Step 6: Issuance of Visa
Should your application be accepted, you will be able to enter Portugal once the visa is stamped in your passport.

Step 7: Arrival in Portugal

If you are entering the country with a long-term visa, apply for a residence permit before your visa expires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Candidates must demonstrate a steady monthly income from remote work of at least €3,280. Furthermore needed are documentation of housing and health insurance coverage in Portugal.

Remote workers are able to apply for a residency permit or a one-year temporary stay visa with the help of the Portugal D8 Visa. The best visa for digital nomads in Portugal is the one that may be extended for a maximum of five years.

To reduce their taxes, digital nomads can apply for Non-Habitual Resident status, which could result in paying 0% tax on income earned abroad and a flat 20% tax on income earned in Portugal.

With the option to extend, the D8 visa allows you to stay in Portugal for a maximum of one year.

During the application procedure, documentation of income, housing, and health insurance must be submitted. Verifying that a person has no criminal history and the authenticity of financial records are common components of background checks.

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Simard & Associates helps clients apply for citizenship and residence under the applicable programs. To schedule an initial free consultation, get in touch with us.


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