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Relocating Overseas: Things to Know Before Moving Internationally

Relocating and moving overseas has become increasingly easier. We are gaining access to countries across the world with existing and new immigration programmes designed to attract those looking to live and move overseas. Choosing and determining where to relocate to is the big step. 

Now that you have made that commitment to relocate, there are a few things that you need to consider to make sure that there are no unexpected surprises during that move. Enjoy a stress-free relocation experience with these tips.


1. Moving method

First things first, decide how you are going to move your items from one country to another. There are two main methods of transporting your goods. The most common and cost-efficient way is via sea freight. A much more expensive option is by air freight. Although it is more expensive and has a limitation on the weight of baggage, it is considerably faster than by sea. Choosing which method to use will depend much on your timeline. 

For both methods, you can hire an international moving company who will arrange containers to be sent to your home. Once the containers are loaded up, they will be picked up and taken to the port for the next stage of transport. The best thing about hiring a moving company is that they tend to deal with all the custom clearance documents so that you do not have to worry too much about your stuff getting stuck. 


2. Taxes and extra fees

Depending on the country you are relocating to, you may have to pay custom duty charges for certain household goods. Some countries are very lenient and offer duty-free policies for those moving internationally. Others have strict policies that calculate the value of all your items to determine the total extra fees you have to pay. When looking at quotes from international moving companies, you may want to ask them for an estimation of taxes for your country of choice since it is rarely included in moving prices. 


3. Insurance

Just to have peace of mind that your belongings will arrive in good condition when relocating, you may wish to consider buying insurance. Things may move around during travel and are subject to surrounding environmental conditions. This is especially relevant for those choosing to move their items via the sea. Remember to check with your international moving company if their prices include any insurance. Some may not include it in their initial payments while others may offer only basic insurance coverage. Looking at the value of your items, you may want to pay for extra coverage or buy a separate insurance policy that is much more comprehensive. 


4. Prohibited or controlled items

To avoid being fined, make sure that your containers do not include any prohibited or controlled items when moving overseas. These include the obvious ones like drugs and weapons, but also the not so obvious items such as certain plants, animal products, and foreign foods. This is to protect the safety of all travellers and to reduce the threat of introducing new species that can devastate a country’s ecosystem and industries. The exact security rules for entry are different in each country so be sure to do your research before packing. 


5. Packing

Last but not least is the packaging in which you will pack your things. The good thing about moving internationally is that, in most cases, you don’t really need to worry about it. International movers tend to offer this as part of their services. This is because your containers have to go through customs when moving overseas. Since the movers have to be able to vouch for the containers and guarantee that it does not contain anything that would be considered illegal, they are very willing to help you with the packing process. Any necessary industrial shrink wrap, cardboard boxes, and other materials needed will usually be provided. 


Moving overseas can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. Simard and Associates is a professional immigration consultancy that is dedicated to helping our clients immigrate to other countries. Our experienced team of immigration lawyers, consultants, and global immigration experts can help make the immigration process pain-free. Let us help you make that relocation dream a reality. Get in touch today!