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Canada has always been a popular country for immigrants. However, there are many people who want to settle in Canada, but do not know which program is suitable. Today, Simard & Associates will introduce to you a very famous program in the Canadian:  Canadian Entrepreneur Immigration – Start Up Visa.

Start-Up Visa Program (SUV) to Canada is one of the more well-known immigration programs. It is a 5-year pilot project launched by the Canadian government in 2013. Creating innovative businesses and settlements in Canada, assisting Canada in introducing new technical knowledge and promoting local employment opportunities. The program officially became a permanent immigration policy in 2017.

Target applicants
  1. Entrepreneurs who want to set up a company in Canada. Business success, social responsibility, and entrepreneurial passion are the true pursuits of applicants, and immigration is just an incidental reward.
  2. Applicants who hope their children can enjoy high-quality educational resources in Canada. Children under the age of 18 can enjoy free public education.
  3. Applicants who wants to land in Canada quickly. It takes about 6 months to land in Canada, which is the best choice for immigrating to Canada quickly.
Advantages of SUV
  1. Low cost of living – The overall cost of living in Canada is much lower than in cities where entrepreneurs are concentrated in the United States.
  2. Low start-up capital – The applicant needs to invest less capital, which reduces the applicant’s financial pressure.
  3. Entrepreneurship abounds – Canada focuses on innovation in technology, software, and manufacturing and sales.
  4. The status is guaranteed – the applicant does not need to bear the loss, even if the project operation is not ideal, the permanent resident status obtained by the entrepreneur will not be lost or deprived.
  5. The applicant has no assets, company shares, source of funds, tax certification requirements.
  6. Immigrant approval is fast – it only takes 12 to 16 months for the whole family to get the Maple Leaf Card.
  7. Team advantage – Cooperative incubator projects have rich practical experience and can provide guidance.

After obtaining the permanent residency, the business in Canada will continue to develop. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the global economy has shown a downward trend. It is still necessary to consider when one makes related investments, and extra caution is required when investing overseas.

If you want to settle in Canada through the Canadian SUV entrepreneur immigration program, you would need to prepare the relevant application. If you have any questions, please contact us for more professional immigration information.

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