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Canada is always a very popular immigration destination, attracting many immigrants from all over the world. Each year, many new immigrants receive Canada permanent resident status and settle down. So what makes Canada such a popular immigration destination and attract so many people?

1. The whole family can immigrate together

If the main applicant is eligible for immigration, the dependents (spouse and children) will automatically be eligible for immigration. Note that the applicant’s parents and siblings are not included. If you want to apply for your parents to immigrate to Canada, you can wait for your immigration application to get approved first, and then apply your parents through the sponsorship program.

2. Canadian Passport – A pass to the world

When you become a Canadian citizen (three years after landing), you can apply for a Canadian passport. With Canadian passports, one can enjoy visa-free for more than 100 countries in the world, including: the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium , Singapore, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and more.

3. The connection with USA

The southern border of Canada is connected to the northern territory of the United States, so the two countries are close sister countries. The long and undefended border makes it very convenient for Canadian to enter the United States. After arriving Canada, new immigrants can enter and leave the United States as long as they apply for a multiple-entry visa to the US Immigration Service in Canada. For many people, it is also the first step to enter the United States.

4. Free education

If you have children, when you come to Canada as a new immigrant, you can immediately send them to public school. Primary and secondary education in Canada is a total of twelve years, and all public school education is free. Under Canadian law, children between the ages of six and twelve must attend school. And four to five year olds can go to preschool. Since Canada is a country made by immigrant, almost every school has a special ESL (English as Second Language) course to teach English.

Generally, there will be students of all colors in the school, so your child will not feel different in the school. If the school is far from your home, it will provide a school bus to pick up the child every day.

5. Pensions

In order to protect the life of the elderly, the Canadian government has introduced a variety of systems to ensure that the elderly have enough economic income to enjoy their lives after retirement. The federal pension plan is divided into three parts: basic pension, income security supplement and spousal allowance. These allowances are allocated by the Government of Canada in the annual gross national tax.

Basic pension: It is a monthly allowance issued to the elderly who meet the conditions of Canadian residents and are over the age of 65. Elderly people who are eligible to receive this allowance must apply for it themselves before they can receive it.

Income Security Subsidy: It is given to the elderly who have little other income besides the basic old-age allowance mentioned above, so that their total income can be maintained at a certain level.

Spouse allowance: It is an allowance issued to the spouse, widower or widow of the recipient of the allowance. It constitutes the federal pension scheme together with the basic benefit and the income security benefit.

6. Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance benefits aim to help tide over financial hardships when people are unemployed and have no income. Plus, one can also receive unemployment insurance benefits whenever he has to take a break from work due to injury, illness, quarantine, childbirth, or wanting to take care of a new or adopted child full-time. The former is called ordinary unemployment insurance, and the latter is called special unemployment insurance, both of which are subject to income tax. Under the new system, unemployment insurance benefits were renamed employment insurance. The scheme consists of two main elements: Unemployment Income Protection, or unemployment benefits; and Employment Incentive Allowance, which is used to encourage employment.

7. medical insurance

Canada has one of the best health insurance systems in the world. Most communities have good hospitals, clinics or physician offices. All Canadian residents, citizens and permanent residents are generally eligible for free services after enrolling in the National Health Insurance Plan of Canada. Medicare is paid by the state directly to hospitals and doctors from taxes. There is one doctor for every 520 people. The government spends $52 billion a year on health care, with an average medical allowance of $1,800 per person. Every province in Canada has a taxpayer-funded health insurance plan that provides affordable, high-quality health care. After one is covered by a health plan, he will be issued a provincial health card with an identification number.

These are the benefits of immigrating to Canada. If you want to know more about Canadian immigration, please contact us. Simard & Associates brings together a team of professional and experienced immigration consultants and lawyers, who have handled various Canadian immigration program applications for countless families and applicants, providing one-stop immigration consulting services, allowing you to enjoy live in Canada.