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Immigrating to Canada, a new environment to live in, one needs to apply for a visa, do medical examinations, and preparations before departure. These can all be challenging. In addition to psychological preparation before departure, there are many things that need to be prepared in advance in the final stage. In order to ensure that nothing is missing, today Simard & Associates will share with you a list of pre-departure projects and ideas for reference.

  1. Immigration related

– Pay attention to the expiry date of your own and family’s passports (valid for at least 3 years or more)

– Confirm that the pre-entry medical examination reports are valid

– After getting OWP/SP, check name and date

– Check before departure that all accompanying persons have a valid ETA


2. Other documents

– If you are transiting in the US, you need to apply for a US visa

– Pay attention to the expiry date of the Home Return Permit and replace it in advance if necessary

– Pay attention to the replacement date of the Hong Kong ID card, whether it can be replaced earlier

– Application for backup birth certificate (certified copy) Form: BDR87

– If you were born in the Mainland and do not have a Hong Kong or Mainland birth certificate, you can apply for Form: ROP122

– If any supporting documents do not have English versions, they need to be translated and notarized before departure


Due to the high cost of medical care for non-Canadian nationals, it is recommended that you complete the following medical services in Hong Kong.

– Dental services (scaling/filling)

– With glasses/contact lenses

Other medical documents:

– Request a copy of the electronic health record (eHealth)

– Request a copy of the electronic health record (without eHealth)

– Vaccination documents


– Pre-open a Canadian bank account in Hong Kong

– Each person can bring up to 10,000 Canadian dollars in cash

– If you plan to apply for a mortgage career in Canada, you can apply for a credit rating in Hong Kong first, so as to have one more supporting document


– Know your family’s medical/savings insurance in Hong Kong, and decide whether to renew the insurance as needed

– Purchase Emergency Medical Plan when you first arrive (people in Ontario who has lived in the province for 153 days and meets certain conditions could receive medical benefits OHIP)

MPF and Tax Clearance

– Consolidate all MPF accounts into one account to facilitate future refunds (Please note that not all MPF companies accept OWP/SP as the reason for withdrawing MPF, please call for enquiries first.)

– After resigning, you need to go to the tax office to clear your taxes to prove that you will be leaving Hong Kong for a long time.

– Go to the Civil Affairs Department to swear long-term departure from Hong Kong

– Apply to the MPF Corporation for withdrawal of MPF, and email the work visa to the MPF Corporation


– Application for nationality driver’s license Form: TD51 (available for 60 days after arriving in Ontario)

– Application for driver’s license certificate Form: TD320 (original documents should be submitted to reduce waiting time when taking a license test in Canada)

– Apply for a driving score record (required when buying car insurance in Canada)

– Certificate of annual car warranty in Hong Kong

– Pay attention to the expiry date of your Hong Kong driving license and replace it early

Prepare the documents for the flight

From previous experience, the following documents might be required to be brought along by the ground handling and immigration staff when departing to Canada (some documents are only for auxiliary purposes and are not necessary documents).


  1. OWP approval letter
  2. SWOP approval letter
  3. Minor Sp approval letter
  4. Minor Sp approval letter
  5. Exemption doc
  6. Job offer letter
  7. Withdrawal letter
  8. Resignation letter
  9. Termination Letter
  10. COVID vaccine document
  11. Quarantine plan
  12. Airfare
  13. IRCC terms
  14. Canadian Temporary Lease
  15. Covid test report
  16. Hotel Information
  17. ArriveCAN receipt
  18. SwitchHealth Account
  19. Bank doc fund proof
  20. Shipping packing list
  21. Proof of relationship (marriage certificate and birth certificate of children)
Five things you must do after arriving in Canada

1) Bank account opening

There are many banks in Canada that can open accounts for new immigrants free of charge and offer welcome discounts to applicants. You can compare the following five banks before opening an account: Scotiabank, CIBC, BMO, RBC and TD.

Files needed:

– passport

– Open work visa

– telephone number

In addition, when opening an account, you can ask the bank to issue a statement as proof of address, and it is more convenient to apply for other documents later.

2) Apply for social insurance card (SIN number)

After arriving in Canada, you must apply for a SIN card (Social Insurance Number). The SIN number is a private number. Except for the bank and your employer, you should never tell others your SIN number.

Files needed:

– passport

– Open work visa/student visa

– Proof of address

3) Phone number

It is cheaper to apply for a phone card in Canadian stores than online. The two major telecom operators are Bell and Rogers. And many Chinese agents will provide phone card discounts to new immigrants in Canada. You can compare different plans and prices first.

Files needed:

– passport

– Open work visa

4) Driver’s license

A private car is a must in Canada, and a driver’s license is also used as an everyday identification document. Taking Ontario as an example, the G1 written test is actually very simple, as long as you complete the online practice questions, it is enough to cope with the G1 written test.

If you have a license plate in Hong Kong and hold a TD320 form, you can apply to the DriveTest Center to waive the one-year waiting period and take the road test after passing the written test. For details, please refer to the official website.

Files needed:

– passport

– Open work visa

– Hong Kong driving license (if applicable)

– TD320 form

5) Medical Card

Everyone can apply for a medical card with OWP, but the application method is different in each province.

Taking Ontario as an example, applicants who have just arrived can apply for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) directly as long as they have an employment letter valid for 6 months or more. With OHIP, you can see a doctor for free, but you need to pay for the medicine at your own expense.

Required documents (may vary by province):

– passport

– Open work visa

– Proof of address

– Proof of employment

These are the benefits of immigrating to Canada. If you want to know more about Canadian immigration, please contact us. Simard & Associates brings together a team of professional and experienced immigration consultants and lawyers, who have completed various Canadian immigration program applications for countless families and applicants, providing one-stop immigration consulting services, allowing you enjoy new live in Canada.