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Greece Golden Visa Immigration Program

Greece Golden Visa

Being a European member state and strategically located where Europe, Asia and Africa meet, Greece is a country with excellent investment potential. The surprisingly low cost of living in Greece brings a high quality of life in the country; with an average of 300 Euro per month, you can already enjoy a very comfortable life style with a spacious and pleasant living environment. If you are interested in immigrating to Greece and, eventually, obtaining permanent residency in the EU, the Greece Golden Visa is a great choice, as this is the European immigration program with the lowest investment requirement.

Application Requirements

The Greece Golden Visa Immigration Program is a popular investment program as it has no specific requirements on language, work experience or residency. The applicant must be 18 years old or above and is required to make a minimum investment of 250,000 Euro in the local real estate market to be able to obtain permanent residency valid for up to five years. The Greece Golden Visa Immigration Program has become increasingly popular in recent years as the application can be approved within two months. Additionally, there are no specific requirements for the applicant to reside in Greece and the program has the lowest investment amount required for obtaining a permanent residency in Europe If the application is successful, the applicant will not only be able to enjoy the exceptional living in Greece but also has the right to enter any Schengen country visa-free.

After the application is approved by the Greek authorities, the applicant may also apply for a residence permit in Greece for his/her parents, parents-in-law, spouse and any children under the age of 21. The Greece Golden Visa is valid for 5 years. The applicant must retain the same investment to be eligible for a visa renewal. Once the applicant resides in Greece for seven years, he/she will be eligible for citizenship in Greece.

Greece Golden Visa Application Process

Applicants who are interested in the Greece Golden Visa Immigration Program must visit the country to select a suitable real estate project in which they want to invest and to open a bank account in a local bank. After purchasing the property and paying for relevant taxes, the applicant can submit their visa application to the Greek government. Once the application is reviewed and approved, the applicant will be granted the Golden Visa.

Why Should You Choose Simard & Associates For Your Greece Golden Visa Application?

Our team of professional immigration consultants at Simard & Associates have extensive experience in immigration consulting and immigration law; we have helped thousands of clients succeed in immigrating to their desired destination and starting a new chapter in life.

Not only can our professional team at Simard & Associates help you apply for the Greece Golden Visa efficiently, but we can also ensure our clients receive a steady return on their investments. Recently, we have conducted a detailed market survey on the Greek real estate market and selected a number of quality investment projects suitable for consideration. Among the many investment projects available, Trikoupi Residence and Metaxourgeio are the most popular choices.

If you are interested in the Greece Golden Visa Immigration Program or have questions about any immigration programs in CanadaUSA, or the other countries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration consultants.

Application Fees

Application fees are based on the number of dependents, country of origin, residence and other retained services, as well as service and legal fees related to the submission of application for the main applicant and qualifying dependents.

Investment Projects:

  1. Trikoupi Residence

    It is a newly-built high-end residential project located in the Exarcheia district, a prime location in Athens. The residence is surrounded by an array of restaurants, shops and parks, and is also close to some of the main metro stations and is approximately 8 minutes away from the city center. The property has excellent facilities; each apartment is equipped with high-quality furniture, electrical appliances, wifi and an individual balcony for your enjoyment.

    The Exarcheia district is well-known for its dynamic, luxurious and charming communities and is a popular area for artists, academics and students. Since the Trikoupi Residence is managed by its developer, they offer long-term leasing service for up to ten years, as well as comprehensive housekeeping services that can satisfy your needs. With its proximity to tourist attractions, this property will make an excellent real estate investment and fulfil both self-use and rental purposes.
  1. Metaxourgeio

    It is located in northern Athens and is one of the oldest districts in the capital , Metaxourgeio combines the best of residential and commercial areas and has the potential for high investment returns.

    The architectural design of Metaxourgeio is the essence of aesthetics, practicality and modern design, and was an idea put forward in an international architecture competition, proving to be a high-quality and one-of-a-kind real estate investment opportunity. The residence is equipped with parking, storage rooms and a heated swimming pool for guests to enjoy. In addition, four separate private paths within the Metaxourgeio residence leading to the apartments are designed for maximum privacy of its residents.


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