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Montenegro –  Citizenship by Investment Program

Why Choose Montenegro

Montenegro is attracting vast opportunity for growth and development because of its natural beauty and sophistication. In addition, Montenegro’s recent independence and strategic position have also added to its influence in becoming central to some of the most important industries in the world.

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program Benefits

Fast procedure. Residency within 3 weeks;

  • Approval of citizenship within six months;
  • No language requirements;
  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality;
  • NATO Member;
  • Candidate country for future expansion of the EU, expected by 2025;
  • Global mobility with access to over 115 nations visa-free;
  • Strategic geographical location in Europe with direct access to Adriatic Sea;
  • Porto Montenegro is one of the world’s finest yachting marinas;
  • An outstanding holiday destination.

Qualifications of Applicants

To qualify for residency or citizenship, applicants must fulfill one of the investment options, as well as meeting the following criteria:

  • Be a non-EU citizen.
  • Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document.
  • Submit all documents and information required under the program and successfully pass the due diligence and background verification, including the ones relating to the source of funds used to make the qualifying contribution and investment.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Apply through one of the licensed agents under the program.

Investment Options

Government Fund Donation
Applicants must make a contribution of 100,000 euro for a government fund donation.

Real Estate Investment
In addition to the above donation, applicants are required to invest in approved real estate projects in the country. Applicants will have two choices for the investment:

  • 250,000 euro investment in an undeveloped region (north of the country), or
  • 450,000 euro investment in a developed region (south of the country)

Application Fees

Application fees are based on the number of dependents, country of origin, residence and other retained services, as well as service and legal fees related to the submission of application for the main applicant and qualifying dependents.

Steps and Timeline

  1. Have your qualification approved with Simard & Associates.
  2. Collect application documents and pay processing fees.
  3. The file is received by the program administration. The application is reviewed for the administrative compliance. Due diligence and background verification are performed.
  4. Decision in the principle is delivered. In case of approval, applicant is invited to proceed with the contribution and the investment.
  5. Travel to Montenegro to submit residence application and have biometrics collected. Citizenship application is submitted during the same trip.
  6. Receive naturalization certificate(s) in Montenegro. Apply for and collect passport(s).

If you are interested to learn more about Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment or have questions regarding the investment immigration processes, do not hesitate to contact our immigration specialists at Simard & Associates.


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