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It is not easy to find a job, especially in Canada, where there are many skilled immigrants and talented people. But fortunately, there are actually many ways to obtain information about potential job opportunities through the internet.

What are the most popular websites for finding a job in Canada?


  1. Supervisa

This website is a Waterloo, Canada-based Internet visa technology start-up that provides free job search services for overseas workers and students, as well as visa and immigration processing services for a fee. The main types of jobs are IT technology jobs, with local employers in Canada sponsoring qualified candidates to work in Canada, mainly in startups.


  1. Job Bank

Job Bank is run by the Canadian government and is unquestionably legitimate. There are various search options and information retrieval methods, and jobs are collected from multiple job sites. This means that there is a wide variety of jobs on this site, from hotel waiters to CEOs of large companies. It also offers job search trends by province, and if you create your own job search profile, you can use the job matching system to intelligently select job opportunities based on your job skills and work experience.


  1. Indeed

Indeed is a very reliable and convenient website for job hunting, with a user-friendly design and super easy job search. For example, you can search for jobs nationwide or within 5 miles of your home; you can choose from full-time, part-time, or contract jobs; and there are many internship opportunities available. You can also register and post your resume and send it to any potential employer looking for the skills and experience you have, and email them directly with your job search, which means that while you are searching for employers, employers are searching for you, which gives you a better chance of finding a job.


4. Workopolis

If you want to find the right job for you, Workopolis is another great job search site where you can filter your criteria and generally apply directly to the jobs you see on the site. The site has a clean and reasonable interface and a section dedicated to job search tips, such as what jobs are right for you, how to write a good CV, and how to interview well. Also, HIA provides a salary calculator, which allows you to find the average salary of different jobs.


5. Randstad

Randstad is an employment agency website with 2 different categories, one is for white collar and the other is for blue collar. First, you need to fill out an information form, they will help you to find the best job for you based on the information you provide. If the company they are working with is hiring, they will contact you first by email or phone and all you have to do is accept the job. Sometimes, they will only offer you a short-term job, but you can work hard to get your employer to recognize you and give you the opportunity to continue working.


  1. Kijiji

Technically speaking, Kijiji is not exactly a job site. It’s similar to a local newspaper classified section, where people can post their own ads, list used cars, and find babysitters for their children. However, the difference between them and newspapers is that newspapers are often limited to a specific area, whereas Kijiji is an international site with a much larger audience. You can search for jobs in your own hometown, but also throughout the province. There are a variety of options and opportunities waiting for you, and the site has a very simple interface. If you’re tired of looking for jobs, you can also check out all the strange things people are selling.

The Best Social Media Sites for Job Hunting

More and more Canadians are using social media to find and secure job opportunities. Statistics show that nearly 40% of job seekers have been hired through social media sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter after connecting with or being connected to an employer.


LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for job hunting because it is positioned to build social networks through jobs and careers. LinkedIn currently has 48 million users. Super Life has some tips for you, such as Reference referrals are important, it is best to have 2 or 3 referrals, and it is best to have people who are related to your recent work experience, the more recent the better. For example, a previous boss, a former colleague or a client.


Since recruiters are often (as they are on some of the larger job boards), in addition to the unlimited career potential that LinkedIn holds, it is definitely worth the time to build a nice resume on LinkedIn, where recruiters will browse around by keyword searches on LinkedIn. Make sure your résumé includes keywords from your field or industry, and that it is complete, focused and brings out the best in you, and there is a good chance that recruiters will contact you.


Although Facebook itself is a social networking site for friends and family, the Facebook social network is a great tool for forwarding information about job opportunities to friends and colleagues, and a way to get reliable information from friends and family. Although people mainly use Facebook to keep in touch with their personal friends, you may not realize that there are many business-related social groups on Facebook. If you’re looking for a job, the discussion boards of social groups may be a place for you.

Job Hunting Tips in Canada

Simard & Associates has compiled some job hunting tips for those who are looking for a job or planning to change jobs in Canada.


  1. Be patient and maintain a positive attitude. It’s not easy to find a job. Be prepared for your resume to sink in the sea, don’t be discouraged, persistence is victory.


  1. Broaden your network, as having a wide range of contacts is one of the best ways to find employment opportunities and can play an important role in every stage of the job search.


  1. Update your personal information in a timely manner and add new work experience and skills to your résumé. Adjust the format of your cover letter to ensure that it reflects the latest changes or includes your latest accomplishments in a timely manner.


  1. Use social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedln to spread the word about your job search and let people around you know that you are looking for employment opportunities and that they may be the ones who can help you.


  1. Consider using headhunters to find employment opportunities. There are many headhunters who have first-hand information from large companies. Generally speaking, you do not have to pay for a job through a headhunter, as the headhunter charges the employer for finding the right person, but only if the job found through the headhunter is a job with a skill set or an industry-specific qualification.


There are many other professional and reliable job searching sites in Canada, as well as specific industries. It is also helpful to have a resume format and a way of presenting yourself that is more desirable to local candidates before you apply for a job.



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