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Anyone who is interested in immigrating to Canada should know what inadmissible means, which simply means not accepted into Canada and not allowed to enter and live in Canada. What is the reason for being labeled as “inadmissible to Canada”?


There are various reasons why a person may be denied entry into Canada by Canadian immigration, such as security reasons, illegal acts, and medical conditions. The following are some of the reasons for not being accepted into Canada.

Reasons you may be inadmissible to Canada

1. Security Reasons

– Violence and terrorism

– Espionage

– Subversion (attempts to overthrow a government, etc.)

– Membership in an organization involved in any of these


2. Violation of human rights or international human rights law

– War crimes

– Crimes against humanity

– Serving as a senior official in a government that commits serious human rights violations or is subject to international sanctions


3. Committing a crime, including driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol


4. Organized crime, including participation in organized crime and human smuggling or money laundering


5. Health Issues

– Endangering public safety, such as sudden physical or mental loss and unpredictable or violent tendencies

– Public health hazards, such as having a specific infectious disease such as tuberculosis syphilis or being in close contact with someone who has one of these infectious diseases, and the impact of your disease on the lives of other Canadian residents

– Excessive demand for health or social services, for example, because your health condition has a negative impact on social or health service wait times, and because your health expenses are too high and above the threshold


It is important to note that non-admission to Canada for health reasons may not apply to refugees and their children, protected persons, and applicants sponsored by families, including children, spouses, and unmarried spouses. If you are not accepted by Canada for health reasons, you will receive a letter stating the reasons and you will have 90 days to provide an explanation before Canada makes a final decision, but you may apply for an extension if you feel that 90 days is not enough.


6. Financial reasons

– Unable or unwilling to pay for your own living expenses and those of your dependent family members.


7. False Statements

– Providing false information or withholding information that would affect the decision of an immigration officer under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.


8. Failure to comply with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act


9. Having an inadmissible family member.


What happen if you are inadmissible under Canada's immigration law?

Under normal circumstances, applicants will not be able to re-enter Canada, but if there is a legitimate need to travel to Canada, they can apply to the Canadian government for a temporary entry permit.

Does Inadmissible mean I will never have the opportunity to land in Canada again?

If you want to enter or stay in Canada when you are labeled as Inadmissible to Canada, you can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TPR), but you must have a good and compelling reason to do so. It is customary for workers in the immigration industry to refer to this as a “waiver”. However, there are many drawbacks to this “special permit”. In addition to the fact that it can be cancelled at any time by immigration authorities, it is also possible that the “special permit” will no longer be valid once the person leaves Canada, unless the person is granted a special authorization to leave and then be allowed to re-enter, i.e., a TRP that allows multiple TRP, which allows multiple entries and exits.


After reading the above information, we hope you understand more about Inadmissible to Canada. It’s always good to know more about life in Canada before your immigration. Simard & Associates brings together a team of experienced immigration consultants to help you overcome immigration barriers and find your ideal home abroad.