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Canada has long been known as one of the traditional immigration country. Because of its well-developed immigration system and friendly conditions, Canada attracts many applicants every year. In addition, the current immigration market has changed somewhat, with Australia and the United States becoming increasingly difficult to immigrate to, Canada has begun to become the most sought-after traditional immigration country. Most of the applicants who immigrate to Canada choose to settle there, so what are the top start-up business opportunities for immigrants in Canada?

Immigrating to Canada and starting a business

The advantage of immigrating to any country is that you can work and start business there, and Canada is no exception. However, the biggest problem in Canada is that it has abundant resources but relatively small population, so the labour force is very scarce and the chance of finding a job that you are satisfied with is relatively high. In addition to working, starting a business is also a good option. For Chinese immigrants to Canada, if they choose to start their own business, what are the best business opportunities?


1. Food and Beverage Industry

“Food is the order of the day”, and eating is something that everyone does many times a day. What are some of the more popular restaurants in Canada?

– Popular Hot Pot Restaurants

In Canada, where the temperature is often very low, hot pot is definitely very popular especially for the Asian culture. Don’t think that Canadians don’t like to eat hot pot, because it is good to experience hotpot in winter in Canada.

– Hong Kong Style Restaurants

Hong Kong style dining is popular among all cultures in Canada, as they serve not only Chinese food, but all some Hong Kong style western food, which is also considered as a civilian dining place. Therefore, this is also a good business to start.

2. Automotive Service Industry

In addition, there are business opportunities in Canada for the automotive service industry. Canada is a vast country with a very large territory and many places are far away from each other, so it is relatively difficult to get around without a car.

Canada’s per capita car ownership is very high, so the demand for car-related buying, selling, leasing, maintenance, repair, cleaning, modification and on-site services is very strong, and there is also a wide demand, high profitability characteristics, extremely popular and favored by people who want to do business.

3. Fitness Industry

Canadians are very fitness conscious, especially in the cold winter months. Outdoor exercise seems to be a bit unfeasible, so indoor fitness is the best option. There is great potential for the development of related industries, and with people’s concern for health and wellness, fitness-related industries can be a great business opportunity.

4. Beauty and Hair Salon

Labour cost in Canada is relatively high, so it is not so cheap to get a haircut in Canada. So there is always business opportunities if you immigrate to Canada and work in the beauty industry.


Most immigrants in Canada normally choose to settle in the country, and if they do not want to be employed, it is a good choice to start their own business. The business atmosphere in Canada is strong, and the policy conditions are relatively lenient, so as long as you choose the right industry, you can definitely earn a living in Canada.

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