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Simard & Associates 自2010年在香港成立以来,一直致力于帮助客户进行加拿大、美国等地的商业移民。 我们的创始人 Mathieu Simard 在亚太地区积累了近 20 年的跨文化行业经验; 他在移民咨询和移民法方面的丰富经验已帮助成千上万的客户成功移民到他们想要的目的地。


Simard & Associates 多年来处理的案件成功率高,赢得了客户的信任,并成为香港可靠的移民咨询公司的声誉。 Simard & Associates 与其他在香港提供移民服务的公司的不同之处在于我们拥有魁北克执照的移民律师顾问团队。


Director & Immigration Lawyer

Mr. Simard obtained a Bachelor of Law Degree from Sherbrooke University in 2000 and has been a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar since 2002. In the same year, Mr. Simard moved to Hong Kong and has since continued to work as an immigration lawyer and consultant representing clients from around the world, specifically in the APAC region. During his numerous years of practice, Mr. Simard has gained an unrivalled reputation within the immigration law and business community. At the beginning of 2010, Mathieu Simard established Simard & Associates which specialized mainly in immigration law for entrepreneurs and investors of different countries.



Managing Partner

Ms. Cheung has successfully managed the dealings and day-to-day operations of Simard & Associates as the key liaison figure since its establishment. She has effectively broadened the contacts and interactions of Simard & Associates through international dialogue and exchanges with agents, diplomatic figures and government officials. With the efforts of Ms. Cheung, Simard & Associates has positioned itself as one of the leaders in assisting high-net-worth individuals to attain their immigration goals, be it to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States or Europe.



Immigration Lawyer

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Law at the Université de Montréal and a Comparative and International Law diploma at the University of San Diego in 2010, Mr. Lescouflair went on to complete the Quebec Bar the following year. He also holds a master’s degree in e-Commerce (Business and Law) from HEC Montréal Business School and an MBA from the University of Manchester. Prior to joining Simard & Associates, Mr. Lescouflair involved in legal research for the University of Montréal in the fields of civil law, e-commerce and information technology.


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